Thursday, April 4, 2013

Undisclosed Myself To You / POEM

Hi there!!

I'm really on a roll as for poetry!! I cannot compete even with this blog because I got the writer's bug again :) but please go to my public Facebook page to read more of my poems.

Sharing poetry on the net, your thoughts and feelings can be a delicate thing if you mention people who don't want to be mention. To be safe, write in general, make it up, put it into codes so that people will not know if it's true or not? Make them wonder :)

I shared too much, what did I do
Undisclosed myself to you.
Vulnerable as I could be,
I showed a side for all to see.
Poems name it my dream
With my life as a theme.
How will you take this information,
Will they stir up a conversation,
Or will they remain in the dark,
Not strong enough to light up a spark?

© 2013 Sandra Stolnik ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This poem questions what people will think of my poems in general. What will they say?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anastacia, I Give YOU Something Back

Dear Anastacia, Dear readers,

This is my poem for you sprock queen. I hope this poem will reach you! I have been thinking for days how to show you support and this poem came spontaneously, when I went to the river yesterday.

I have attached a photo from you and me, when I have first met you in Graz for the "Anaastacia Meet & Greet". This was one of the best days in my life!

For your dear Anastacia,
I’m going to write a rhyme,
How I have first met you,
I remember well that time.

When I heard I won the raffle,
Excited as I could be,
I started jumping on the bed,
No one would believe me.

It took me days to calm down,
Euphoria didn’t seem to end.
“Oh my God, I’ll meet you,
Together with my other friend.”

I began to count the days
All until day zero.
You’ve shown a lot of strength
You became my hero.

Waiting to have a talk,
We were standing in a line,
Nervous to chat with you,
I told myself it’ll be fine.

You listened to your fan,
Who has never met you before.
I got all of your attention,
I’m grateful to the core.

It gave me positivity,
Which I want to give back,
Till you recover from challenges

And came strong BACK.

© Sandra Stolnik
March 08, 2013

remember? ;D

Born to write

I have found a purpose for my life. It's to write. I am not born to just live.. but also to write. No one is like me, I'm born once and no one can be like me! As long as I have my mind and my sanity, I'll keep writing.

Yesterday I went cycling after work all the way to this place here, by the river. I hope this spot will look the same way in 100 years. I'll pray that it won't change. I cannot explain why it is this place I get most of my ideas. It is the water, the sound of the water .. I can listen to it, stare and stare and get lost in my own world. It's God's divine energy which is flowing here.

Salzburg is beautiful, it has a busy city life, crowded streets in the Old Town but also places like this one. I go there and can totally shut off from the rest of the world. They are sometimes other people who come as well, but if you really allow it, you can shut off yourself from everyone. They will not bother you, if you are deeply lost in your own thoughts.

Hope you had a great day too! Today on the other hand, it's a little rainy and wet. Here and there the sun comes out but it's not like yesterday.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekends Are There For Other Things⎥POEM

Good evening,

As this poem already says it, weekends are for other things. Sometimes you have so much to do during the week that it leaves no room for other things which also need attention. In my case, it would be poetry writing and writing in general, that I need to work on over the weekend. This is not a great deal, it is something I love to do, so I always find the time on Saturday/Sunday.

Here is one of my latest poems which I'd like to share with you. I wrote it on Saturday morning, the minute I got up. It was a flash of inspiration that hit me, as always suddenly .. :)) So I took a fountain pen that was close and wrote this down.

I'll write it down if it is difficult to read:

Weekends are there for other things,
Which I also have to do.
If you don't know what I talk about
Then I'll give you a little clue.

What is it that I think of
The minute I get up?
"Hooray it is weekend
And I need my morning cup?"

Yes sure, though it's not what I meant.
Something else is often on my mind.
When I open my eyes and turn on the light,
I always look for a pen to find.

Something to write is what I need
Like someone's coffee in a café.
Without it I won't be happy
And cannot start my day.

After this poem I was able to have breakfast. :)

There are days when I don't write and then I feel really grumpy.. it can already be foreseen... I'm deep involved in poetry that not to do it anymore would be just disastrous! I don't want to dare such a moment! :)

I often need to remind myself to write because this year and last year it's been quite different and there are a lot of other things to do that you can easily forget it. Not to forget it .. but you just need a kick in the ass, just like with nanowrimo, you have to show up at your desk at the same time, every day.

It's time for me to get some rest. It's quite late here and tomorrow I get up early and go to work.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poem About A Murderer ⎥POEM

Hi everyone!! It's been quite a while... I cannot remember the last time I wrote something for my blog. January is almost over and I have already started writing new poems for this year. You can read some of them on my public Facebook page, simply click on this LINK. It will direct you to my poetry album on Fb. Others you can read on my wall.

Instead I have found this poem here which I would like to share with you. Do you know Patrick Süskind, the author of this book "Perfume"? I have read his book and have even watching the film. It's a great story of a murderer.

The result of it, I have been inspired to write this poem below. I hope you will take your time to read it. It may seem a bit long but it's worth to read. I am posting this poem to show you different sides of my poetry. Inspiration can come from everywhere, sometimes it's a book, other times a thought or a situation. I have read some of my poems from a few years and they are really entertaining me. So many different themes. You can write about anything if you wish to, just give it a try :))

So here comes my poem:

April 07, 2011 – Thursday

Poem about a murderer

I am reading a book
About a morbid tale
Of a monstrous killer
And all in its detail.

He himself cannot smell
But he loves the scents.
The book is very dark
And so is its content.

Abandoned by the wet nurse
She didn’t want that child.
She said it’s evil
Although the baby smiled.

She went to the market
With one thing in mind,
How to get rid of him,
How to leave him behind.

She didn’t want to keep him
She wanted to give him away.
So at this crowded place,
She tried to make her way.

During the first few years,
He changed many families.
They treated him like someone
Who had a disease.

His nose was a gift,
A dangerous one to own.
He was greedy about
Scents that were unknown.

He wanted to keep them
And memorize them all
But how can he do that
When one he can’t recall?

One scent was still missing
It didn’t give him rest.
The scent of a virgin
And her untouched breast.

To find the smell out,
He had to kill one
And that’s how the story
Sadly had begun.

By Sandra Stolnik

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this poem! Leave me some comments or feel free to share it!