Thursday, April 4, 2013

Undisclosed Myself To You / POEM

Hi there!!

I'm really on a roll as for poetry!! I cannot compete even with this blog because I got the writer's bug again :) but please go to my public Facebook page to read more of my poems.

Sharing poetry on the net, your thoughts and feelings can be a delicate thing if you mention people who don't want to be mention. To be safe, write in general, make it up, put it into codes so that people will not know if it's true or not? Make them wonder :)

I shared too much, what did I do
Undisclosed myself to you.
Vulnerable as I could be,
I showed a side for all to see.
Poems name it my dream
With my life as a theme.
How will you take this information,
Will they stir up a conversation,
Or will they remain in the dark,
Not strong enough to light up a spark?

© 2013 Sandra Stolnik ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This poem questions what people will think of my poems in general. What will they say?

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