A little bit about myself.

Born in Croatia, as a little girl she moved with her parents to Austria. I'm for a company that is specialized in helping people with physical or mental disability, to find a job that.  In my free time I write poetry, cycle and practice running (usually before an official registration) ;)

I love to write poetry. I've written a couple of poems that deal with deafness, hearing impairment and what it is like to have a cochlear implant and it's challenges. I love to write about these things as it is something that many people don't know in full. With this I mean they take hearing for granted. Some people haven't experienced what it is like, for someone who hears less or different.

I truly hope I can show people something about my hearing world and share with many others who also have a CI. I believe I can bring them closer to that topic and make them understand how we experience hearing :)

If you want to contact me, please feel free to write me an email: