Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drifting On The Surface - POEM

Dark poetry is my favorite, sad and dark poetry ....

I thought to give you different sides of my poems. They range from happy poems to sad ones. This one is dark, in fact very dark! I found this photo on a friend's Facebook page and I got inspired by it. It was fascinating was she drowning or not? Inspiration hit me and I wrote this poem here.

I gave credit to that photo too as I don't know who the photographer was and it's not nice when you take something not to name the source. I hope it's fine to use it as background just for that blog post here.

I like this type of poetry, it's sad but it's life just like with happy stuff, there's also bad stuff. I'm sure I will write more .. some time!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last few days before the event

Hi there!!

Just a few more days left before the event. I'm slowly getting nervous as the days come closer. And... I feel really alone with all this and I just decided I will not ask for help. It's sad. I shouldn't say that, since everyone's reading this blog :P. Well if you read it's okay, as I wanted to share. So if you come on Friday, it would be nice of you. The purpose of that evening is to gather together, to share some photos, to read poetry and hear music. To have a nice time and get to know other people.

However, I'm no robot, I am a human being with feelings and I am honest. If someone doesn't like it, it's their problem, not mine. I'm just honest. No one's inquiring how things are going, no one asks how the preparations are going, as if I'm air??

Others on the other hand a bunch of people are very nice and helping and really trying all to make it all work out. My friends of the English Center are willing to print out the flyer and put it up in their store to hand out. I even saw my other post about my book at their book shop. That's cool :OO =))) Next time I stop by I'll ask them to take a photo of me next to my book :)

Should I translate my poems in German?

Oh this question as been bothering me for a while... You know, this event will take place in Salzburg, in Itzling. I'll recite poetry in English in a German speaking country, so it would be just fine to translate them right? AND of course to explain why I write poetry in English although it's not my mother language. There will be for artists and everyone will share some of his / her "art" on this event. I'll recite for poems and have perhaps 3-4 more also displayed on the wall, framed! :) I want of course, my audience to understand what I'll recite. Though we won't have much time to read out German and English so I'll have to do it in one language. Besides translating the poem, destroys the whole rhythm of the original poem. So translating is not something you can do from one day to the other, or within an our, yes of course you can but the real poem is then someone gone. I don't know. To me it seems a bit strange to read my poems in German as this wasn't the original language I wrote my poems. BUT, I have those 4 translated and will have to figure out how to use them or where or if ...

So pretty much is going on my mind :))

Thanks for reading, I'll get back to you all soon! There's more :O

Monday, April 23, 2012

A poem in memory for all the victims of the HOLOCAUST

click to enlarge

Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 19th, the remembrance day for HOLOCAUST. A friend of mine has lost someone in her family. Her great-grandfather never got to know his dauther. He was killed by the Nazi's.

Here's one of my early poems that I wrote for my friend. It's dedicated to her and her family. I wrote it in 2009. This week is my almost final week of my 3rd year of persistent poetry writing. This year has been by far my worst year of writing. There were lots of breaks in between, many weeks of "no poetry writing", lots of writer's block's... BUT it was also a different experience to me. I wrote about other things, not so much about the sad stuff in life but more about LOVE :)

This photo of the candle I took recently and decided to use it as background for my poem.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

No lost soul will ever be forgotten!!

Thanks for reading!
Sandra aka.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A poetry reading - Elements of Nature

Hello my friends!!

I would like to inform you that I will have the opportunity to recite some of my poems about Nature on this even here. (pictured above). A friend of mine who's a great photographer living in Salzburg, has asked me if I would like to collaborate with him. It will be his first photo vernissage and I will accompany some of his photos with my poems about Nature. The theme is "Elements of Nature".

Here's our link to your event on FACEBOOOK

This will be my third public reciting as I had twice the honor to share my poems with my friends. Once at university for a class where they studied about cochlear implants and once at The English Center, a local book and coffee shop located in Salzburg. On both occasions I recited poetry about my ear but this time, in less than two weeks I will recite about a different topic - NATURE!

I have to admit I am more fond of poetry that deal with challenging things in life but this is new and exciting to me. Thank God I have some poems about Nature that I can share. I usually write about the difficult things in life. I am often inspired by my own perspective of life, by the things I hear or see, by stories that people tell me. It's simple life, everyone's life has a poem inside.

I look forward to this event and with every new possibility I can learn and grow. Every new opportunity is another experience for me.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tinnitus At Night - POEM

Hello my dear readers all over the word!

I am back with posting. I would like to point out this video here which I made a while ago. It is about my experience with the ear ringing called "tinnitus". Two years ago, and even years before .. this noise was part of my life. It bothered me every day, every night.

Around that time, I had an excessive period of writing. I used every day situations, from myself mostly and wrote poetry about it. This really helped me to stay sane. I knew I had to use my writing to deal with these challenges which I had to face at that time. My hearing loss back in 2010 played an important role.

When I look back, I AM really glad, I was the chosen person to experience all this. It was not easy, yet I am glad about it. It made me stronger and it gave me a purpose in life, to share my experience with the world.

Here's a video, from one of my published poems called "Tinnitus At Night". Here is my book for more information about my whole poetry collection about my journey towards hearing.

I wanted to create a visual video for this poem so this is how the idea for that video above was born. Enjoy it and share with me your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!