Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tinnitus At Night - POEM

Hello my dear readers all over the word!

I am back with posting. I would like to point out this video here which I made a while ago. It is about my experience with the ear ringing called "tinnitus". Two years ago, and even years before .. this noise was part of my life. It bothered me every day, every night.

Around that time, I had an excessive period of writing. I used every day situations, from myself mostly and wrote poetry about it. This really helped me to stay sane. I knew I had to use my writing to deal with these challenges which I had to face at that time. My hearing loss back in 2010 played an important role.

When I look back, I AM really glad, I was the chosen person to experience all this. It was not easy, yet I am glad about it. It made me stronger and it gave me a purpose in life, to share my experience with the world.

Here's a video, from one of my published poems called "Tinnitus At Night". Here is my book for more information about my whole poetry collection about my journey towards hearing.

I wanted to create a visual video for this poem so this is how the idea for that video above was born. Enjoy it and share with me your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!


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