Here is the updated LINK to my book!
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Furtheremore, for my local friends in Salzburg: My book is available at "The English Center" in Salzburg, Austria. There are still a few copies of the first edition 7"x7" book.
Here is their website. 

Sandra Stolnik was born in 1985. She is Austrian national with Croatian origins. Her formal background adds value to her multilingual skills as apart from German and Croatian, she is also fluent in English, Italian and Sign-language.

She receives her first acute hearing loss in 2008 which has a deep impact on her as a poet. The issues and the challenges of those who are hard of hearing becomes her writing theme. Her work also treats the more general subject: what does it mean to be different? The author tells the story of her own struggle in the hope of spreading awareness among the hearing community as well as faith among all who suffer hearing loss at some degree.

Being among the finalists of the First European English Poetry Book Competition 2010 for authors who write verses in English without having it as a mother language. Sandra now presents her own poetry collection.