Thursday, December 29, 2011

Refill your ink cartridges with a needle

Why? Because it saves money and you can use an empty syringe many times. You do not have to rely on cartridges from one brand only. Some manufacturers produce cartridges that can be used with only one type of fountain pens such as the Pilot Parallel Fountain pen.

Though I do not want to buy cartridges that cost almost 4 EUR like those for the Pilot Fountain pen so I can write with it...

Here's a video that shows how to refill your ink cartridge.

I have another video but I will upload it later. I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you are going to do the same. The usage is easy just beware of little children and put this away from them so that they cannot reach it.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to journaling // old journals

my notebook for poetry
Hello there!!

It's been a while ... I caught a cold and am stuck at home. It's getting better though but due to all the medication that I have to take my emotional well-being is totally turned upside down... I feel really blah ... not really myself. I'm still coughing but the fever went away.

This year is almost over. It's time to recap it and try to make things better next year. As with writing, .. I'll have to make a change. I've been journaling for more than 3 years on my computer and I think I just have enough of it although it's great because I type fast and I can almost keep up with my thoughts. However a journal on the computer is not so personal. I wrote in detail, very much, outlining almost everything which is a good practice if you want to write a book, a novel one day. It's really a great practice. Though it's not appealing to me anymore. I need a change and twenty-twelve stands for a big change, something is going to happen, either good or bad.

I had a look at my old notebook which I started back in 2009. I wrote so many poems inside but still have more more pages are left to complete this notebook. Though I stopped because I couldn't keep up with it anymore. I wrote more poems that it was hard to write them inside, once they were done. I always use separate sheets from another notebook where I write my poems, then once I'm done I rewrite them into this notebook here. I tired various ink colors, different types of pens, gel pencils etc. Some pages are barely readable because I used a light color for my fountain pen. So today I took my fountain pen and rewrote that poem again so I can read it again one day.

rewritten with a new dark green ink

You see all of a sudden the color is better. You probably wonder why I would like to journal with a fountain pen again when the pages fade away slowly. Not all the pages faded away, it depends on which color you chose but they will eventually one day so I took care of it. There's this Parker Quink Ink Black which has a long durability compared to other inks. With this one I will start to journal as soon as the clock strikes 01/01/2012 :) I'm yet sure if I will really do it but it's a thought.

I have more then 10 years of writing experience with a fountain pen, I know what works and not. Even though I journal with my computer I still keep writing with a fountain pen, mostly poetry or just taking notes. Some of my old journals are still in good shape, still readable except that my handwriting was really really really ugly. I cannot write nice with a biro, it just doesn't work.

Here you can see some of my old journals from 1998. I used to write with a biro mainly... but also from time to time with a fountain pen but at that time I didn't use a fountain pen very often. When I look back, it's sweet to see my little self there on these pages.

old journal 1998, translation: "I think my guinea pig got
vermin or an infection. Loses hair."

This was quite a funny entry. Haha! :-) I don't even remember that anymore. My journals were very short, one page for one day and I labeled them in a different way, either to write on the typewriter the date and stick that paper to this page or to write the date on my page directly. I always tried out different things.

"I went outside to play with the snow. Tomorrow I'll go.."

 I think I was often in a hurry that I didn't write properly, I often scribbled just a few lines just enough to remember it the next day. I learned from all this. Now my journals are different. With now I mean as of today 2011. I write about other things, not whom I used to call etc. but it's still funny to read those old entries.
"Sunday 3rd Advent, called my granny w/ my dad.
I'm thinking whether I ..."
Each page was different. My handwriting has changed with the years and got better. Thank God!!!! :-) You can see it on the first picture one of my latest poems in 2009. See?? Yeah much better! :-) Though I can still write very ugly, usually when I'm taking notes very quickly like in poetry writing before they disappear, then later during the day I look back and work on the poem. Or I get an inspiration and the poem is there within 20 minutes or 30 minutes (max.) That's why I love this sudden burst of inspiration, it doesn't ask to come it just arrives and you better make the best of it and take notes or inspiration will go away and find someone else!

Thank you for reading!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Darling Fountain Pen - POEM

Poetry Girl is back!!

Yes I am!! I've been so busy that now I really enjoy those 4 days that I have off :) Two more weeks until Christmas wow ... Time is passing by...

Here is one of my latest poems. I wrote it yesterday. It is pretty short but I think it says a lot. It happened out of the blue, like this blue paper, that I got the inspiration...  I'm quite exhausted so I am glad for some poetry. It still gives me the feeling that I CAN write. Perhaps it's not one of my best prose but it is poetry, that comes from the HEART!

I spelled December wrong with a "z" :P that comes because I speak German too and mixed it up. Never mind. Poetry Girl can make mistakes too.

So yeah I am still writing. Not so much as I used to but as long as I write one poem every week or two it is "okay". I was used to write 3-4 poems a DAY, so you see the difference. Uh!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me some comments. I love to hear from my friends who are reading my blog. If you write poetry too and want to share with me, let me know :)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanks for your support

Hello there,

After quite some time and more than a year of writing I can proudly present you my first poetry book on *hearing* and *deafness*. To see more details please go to the section "store" to read more information about my book. It's a little poetry book, from begining till the end, all in rhymes and talkes about my challenges with my hearing and the outcome of my cochlear implant surgery. I deal with various topics, such as the fear of a surgery, the insecurities, the challenges in every day life.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Thank you all for the support that I had received throughout this whole journey!