Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ready for a writing challenge?

Is it again this time of the year???

In a bit than a month the new writing madness can start and I am not even half ready for it. Last year I failed miserably but it was really a difficult time to combine writing my story and working and other chores that I had to do. I have not much optimism for this year....

I was more passionate about all the writing a few years back but this year I feel bleak about everything. It's very hard to keep the writing spirit up, even though I have something to say but do people want to hear it?

Life is changing rapidly, people are changing, responsibility and and and. There is not much time left to dream to be a writer. You have to face the brutal truth that not many will give a shit about what you do.  They all care more about their life, their duties, to keep their business going, this and that.

If I had a wish I'd definitely be somewhere else but this is not a dream world and there are certain things you just go to do.

I'll stop ranting because I really don't have anything smart or positive to say this weekend.

I'll try to find all the stories I wrote so far. I have to figure out if it is worth to invest time in finishing my last year novel or to write a new one. Every year I have to ask myself this question.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nothing lasts forever

I found some old notebooks which I used a few years ago and I can barely read the notes again .. :O Not that it matters so much, for these kind of notes I don't mind but it makes me think... I have updated saved notes which I thought were important.. but what about other handwritten notes.. such as poetry??

In a few decades I'll barely be able to read my poems on paper!! This really makes me sad...

This is a natural process, even for writing.. but it will make me think for a while!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Je Bratic Moje Smrti (Croatian Poem)

translation is below :))

It's not common for me to write in my own language because it was a lot more appealing to me to write in a language that wasn't my mother language.

Sleep is the cousin of death
Which slowly needs to die
And accompanies me in another life
To watch people from above.

Sleep is there to put me asleep
And not to wake me up anymore.
Like a corpse in its grave
But my soul is still breathing.

It lives still somewhere far away
Where you have never been
Because your time has not come yet
For the deathly force to call you.

Nov, 2011 by Sandra Stolnik

Some of you may come from one of the Balkan States, so this is why I'd like to share with you today a poem in Croatian language. This is one of those rare poems that I tried in another language because it felt like it was the right time to try something new.