Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Darling Fountain Pen - POEM

Poetry Girl is back!!

Yes I am!! I've been so busy that now I really enjoy those 4 days that I have off :) Two more weeks until Christmas wow ... Time is passing by...

Here is one of my latest poems. I wrote it yesterday. It is pretty short but I think it says a lot. It happened out of the blue, like this blue paper, that I got the inspiration...  I'm quite exhausted so I am glad for some poetry. It still gives me the feeling that I CAN write. Perhaps it's not one of my best prose but it is poetry, that comes from the HEART!

I spelled December wrong with a "z" :P that comes because I speak German too and mixed it up. Never mind. Poetry Girl can make mistakes too.

So yeah I am still writing. Not so much as I used to but as long as I write one poem every week or two it is "okay". I was used to write 3-4 poems a DAY, so you see the difference. Uh!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me some comments. I love to hear from my friends who are reading my blog. If you write poetry too and want to share with me, let me know :)


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