Saturday, April 14, 2012

A poetry reading - Elements of Nature

Hello my friends!!

I would like to inform you that I will have the opportunity to recite some of my poems about Nature on this even here. (pictured above). A friend of mine who's a great photographer living in Salzburg, has asked me if I would like to collaborate with him. It will be his first photo vernissage and I will accompany some of his photos with my poems about Nature. The theme is "Elements of Nature".

Here's our link to your event on FACEBOOOK

This will be my third public reciting as I had twice the honor to share my poems with my friends. Once at university for a class where they studied about cochlear implants and once at The English Center, a local book and coffee shop located in Salzburg. On both occasions I recited poetry about my ear but this time, in less than two weeks I will recite about a different topic - NATURE!

I have to admit I am more fond of poetry that deal with challenging things in life but this is new and exciting to me. Thank God I have some poems about Nature that I can share. I usually write about the difficult things in life. I am often inspired by my own perspective of life, by the things I hear or see, by stories that people tell me. It's simple life, everyone's life has a poem inside.

I look forward to this event and with every new possibility I can learn and grow. Every new opportunity is another experience for me.

Thank you for reading!

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