Monday, April 23, 2012

A poem in memory for all the victims of the HOLOCAUST

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 19th, the remembrance day for HOLOCAUST. A friend of mine has lost someone in her family. Her great-grandfather never got to know his dauther. He was killed by the Nazi's.

Here's one of my early poems that I wrote for my friend. It's dedicated to her and her family. I wrote it in 2009. This week is my almost final week of my 3rd year of persistent poetry writing. This year has been by far my worst year of writing. There were lots of breaks in between, many weeks of "no poetry writing", lots of writer's block's... BUT it was also a different experience to me. I wrote about other things, not so much about the sad stuff in life but more about LOVE :)

This photo of the candle I took recently and decided to use it as background for my poem.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

No lost soul will ever be forgotten!!

Thanks for reading!
Sandra aka.

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