Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anastacia, I Give YOU Something Back

Dear Anastacia, Dear readers,

This is my poem for you sprock queen. I hope this poem will reach you! I have been thinking for days how to show you support and this poem came spontaneously, when I went to the river yesterday.

I have attached a photo from you and me, when I have first met you in Graz for the "Anaastacia Meet & Greet". This was one of the best days in my life!

For your dear Anastacia,
I’m going to write a rhyme,
How I have first met you,
I remember well that time.

When I heard I won the raffle,
Excited as I could be,
I started jumping on the bed,
No one would believe me.

It took me days to calm down,
Euphoria didn’t seem to end.
“Oh my God, I’ll meet you,
Together with my other friend.”

I began to count the days
All until day zero.
You’ve shown a lot of strength
You became my hero.

Waiting to have a talk,
We were standing in a line,
Nervous to chat with you,
I told myself it’ll be fine.

You listened to your fan,
Who has never met you before.
I got all of your attention,
I’m grateful to the core.

It gave me positivity,
Which I want to give back,
Till you recover from challenges

And came strong BACK.

© Sandra Stolnik
March 08, 2013

remember? ;D


  1. Hi poetry girl!

    I love your blog! I think its wonderful of you sharing your experience and in turn helping others. I love your poems! Ill come by and visit again!

    Take care..

    1. Ohh! THANK YOU dearest Rebecca :))) I am glad I found a new reader who loves what I share here! :)