Saturday, March 9, 2013

Born to write

I have found a purpose for my life. It's to write. I am not born to just live.. but also to write. No one is like me, I'm born once and no one can be like me! As long as I have my mind and my sanity, I'll keep writing.

Yesterday I went cycling after work all the way to this place here, by the river. I hope this spot will look the same way in 100 years. I'll pray that it won't change. I cannot explain why it is this place I get most of my ideas. It is the water, the sound of the water .. I can listen to it, stare and stare and get lost in my own world. It's God's divine energy which is flowing here.

Salzburg is beautiful, it has a busy city life, crowded streets in the Old Town but also places like this one. I go there and can totally shut off from the rest of the world. They are sometimes other people who come as well, but if you really allow it, you can shut off yourself from everyone. They will not bother you, if you are deeply lost in your own thoughts.

Hope you had a great day too! Today on the other hand, it's a little rainy and wet. Here and there the sun comes out but it's not like yesterday.


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