Sunday, October 14, 2012

New sad poem (in Croatian) / translation below

Like a ghost I'm floating over the mountains, 
Day and night without ceasing. 
My soul has already left for days, 
Since that last meeting. 

I see happy people under the sky, 
From head to toe fully smiling. 
Well that's the feeling which I need too 
However, my heart huts and wants to defend it. 

Friends I have to leave this world,
My life has reached an end. 
In vain I've been flying the wrong flight 
Until I turned into the terrestrial paradise.

This would be the translation to that poem above. It is something but well that's the current mood of my muse. I just go with the flow.. AND there is something I just have to clarify..

  • I write not because it gives me comfort
  • I write because I cannot do it different
  • I write because I have to, it's my gift which I began to own
  • I write because this is my destiny
  • I write because I have something to say
  • When I write people listen to me
  • When they read the poems, I have their attention
  • I write because this is how I can communicate

Otherwise I'm usually just ignored, .. when I want to ask something they usually say "Wait a second I'm talking to someone" usually to a person next to me.. so I wait and they forget that I wanted to talk to them.. AM I not IMPORTANT to stop the current conversation or to end it?? No.. Sandra can wait, she's not that important to be listened to. That's how I feel and it makes me really sad! However, I'll get a life, this is not worth!

Or, it can also be the other way round. People don't talk to me as they don't know what to talk to me. Can you imagine? This is sad because if they only knew me well they would think different.

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm about to explode...!!! I will take a walk. It's so nice outside. No sigh of the real autumn yet.

This post doesn't sound positive.. yes I am poetry girl and I must pay attention to what I'm writing here but I'm also a human who has feelings!

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