Sunday, October 7, 2012

My photo book from China

Hello everyone!!

It's a rainy and cold day... perfect to do something inside, reading a book or writing. I chose to finish this photo book I intended to do three months ago, but I haven't had the chance until NOW.

Here is the cover photo! One side "The Great Wall" and on the right (front side) a photo of a coal plant. No, it's not one of those nuclear plants.
My first thought was "Fukushima" when I saw this coal plant but I was assured that it's not. Most of them are coal or electricity plants. It was a little scary when this was the first thing you saw in China in the city :O

Though after some time you just get used to it.

My first day I spent in the Forbidden City of Peking (Beijing). It was a whole day trip right after my arrival at the airport. This was not my destination where I had my hotel but as I was there why not immediately go downtown and see some sightseeings? :)

Did you know that the film "Karate Kid" was filmed here in that city? Pretty cool? I saw that later on TV in China in my hotel room. I was like "hey I was there too!" =)

The first day was already a blast and that was just the beginning. It was a great experience and I am really thankful that went for it.

At the airport back to Europe, we took a break, had some ice cream and then when the gates opened up we could check in and after an hour or so we were finally inside the plane.
This was the view. Awwwhh!!! I didn't sit next to the window but I asked a woman who was sitting next to the window to take photos.

So there, I hope to give you a little inside to my trip. More of my photos you can see on my Facebook page or simply click HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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