Friday, October 12, 2012

She Can't Replace Me ⎜POEM

Hello everyone!

Weekend is here! Hopefully the good vibes will stay.

Here is a poem from 2010 but I put it on one of my latest photos from my China trip. I chose this photo as it somehow to me it seems to fit .. for this particular poem. This definitely not an easy topic to discuss or to think about .. "what if" or "one day..." I don't know if I were put in such a situation... but the feelings for this poem came and I had to write it down. The outcome hopefully gives families a bit of hope. Sometimes changes are good! No matter how painful some may be, we should always look at it.. as a new lesson!

BUT this is of course easy to say but not easy to put it into practice. Other times changes are devastating, really hard to accept so a situation. It has a lot to do with the person and their attitude.

If they are open to changes then things will definitely go better, rather than seeing it negative.

Hope this post makes somehow sense, but more importantly enjoy my poem! :)

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