Thursday, July 5, 2012

I signed my book at my brother's school

Hi my friends,

A few weeks ago, my brother Dominik had his school feast at grade school and I attended it. I watched the performance the other kids prepared. He didn't but afterwards there was a tent outside with games, an jumping worm (you can see it a little bit behind me, it's red)

I enjoyed it there. I took many photos and will share it with my brother's friends. Suddenly I saw Dominik's teacher coming towards me. I thought she'd say something about me taking photos but she didn't. I wanted to introduce me but she already knew who I was. Then I saw she had my book in her hands :OO :) My mother gave her the copy I originally gave to my mom.  She said she read it and likes it very much and then she asked me if I could sign it. Of course.

Wow I was quite nervous and I think I made somewhere a little typo while writing my personal dedication to her. That took me a minute. I was totally unprepared but so nice wow!! I loved it! I hope she'll enjoy it even more!! THANK YOU!! That really made my day!

It's so nice that she knows that Dominik's sister is a poet haha :) I should have taken a photo with her but I think that would have been too much for her ( I don't know, I didn't have the guts to ask) :)

Someone else took that photo which you see on top. I asked a stranger and he agreed :)

That was just a nice experience and I look forward to many more!

Hope you enjoyed reading this update. It's been a while .. :)

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