Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The vernissage is over

Hi there!!

Sadly the event is already over... I knew that after a few days I'd miss all the stress I had with the preparations, though we were both relaxed and enjoyed all the things we had to do before the exhibition. It was just the "going back and forth, doing this and that" but this was fun. Our day was really busy and long but we both enjoyed helping each other.

I'd probably need a whole day to just recap this whole event, the good and bad altogether. It was a good practice for all of us, who were involved here, to present our work and just to have fun. We created a nice evening. The people who came really enjoyed it and had fun.

What was great to see that despite the good weather outside, people chose to come here to see what we had prepared. That was really nice.

This is the first time that I look back after the event to get together all my thoughts. I didn't have time for that. The day after, I was really "knocked out" ; "K.O." Preparations started weeks before, especially that last week before the "big day". We came to "ABZ Itzling" a couple of times during the day. We hung up the photos, we prepared my frame with my poems. We took some photos along the way, to sort of document our progress, each step so we can look back later and dwell in those memories.

You can see some photos on my Facebook page. "Click here" and you'll go directly to my page with the photos :)

There's even a video from that day. I recorded a bit of the scene with my iPhone. Unfortunately I cannot be seen so often as I have filmed myself and when it was my turn it had to turn off my phone and recite. There was unfortunately no one willing to take over the filming during my part... but I have an idea who to fix this... what's missing.
I might go to ABZ Itzling again and record the rooms where our photos are hung up and recite some poems. I'll edit the video later and post it on Facebook. It should be a recap sort of. More details on that later.

Thanks for reading.

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