Friday, January 6, 2012

old vs. new journal // thick vs. thin paper // rough vs. smooth

It's weekend, a long weekend here in Austria as we have the day off today.. and boredom increases too ... Almost a week ago I was excited to start a new journal. After more then three years of journaling on my laptop, I wanted a change and 2012 represents a major shift, a big change in all aspects so I wanted to start to journal this year with my fountain pen. I bought quite a heavy book without lines. I tend to write on usual notebooks that have smooth paper so I am used to these type of notebooks and my new journal is different... it feels different when I write on it and... I'm picky.. I just don't like it.. and if I don't change it I'll forever complain how I dislike it, so I'm not even so much behind to rewrite the first few entries (which will feel a bit silly) but I have to.. :)

I'm not sure how long this "changed choice" will outlast but I'll see it in the next few decades and regret it later (joke). What do you think is better, smooth paper or rough paper?

Feel free to share or discuss it with me!

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